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Headache Stick

Our headache stick is an all natural solution for a pounding head or a painful migraine.

Many, many people suffer from headaches or chronic migraines, and often they have concerns about taking medications or sometimes those medicines don’t offer relief. Luckily, we have an all natural solution for a pounding head or painful migraine. Our nourish all natural headache stick is a wonderful balm made with pure peppermint & rosemary essential oils. We recommend rubbing the balm on your temples, forehead and back of your neck. The peppermint oil has a cooling effect too which makes the stick handy as a natural way to cool down in the sweltering heat. We have also found that rubbed under the nose or smelled it helps to relieve nausea. For stuffy noses or seasonal allergies this stick is a miracle worker as well, offering comfort by opening up congestion. Peppermint also helps cut through brain fog with its invigorating aromatherapy benefits.

The peppermint & rosemary oils are a wonderful combination too without being overwhelming as we know that sometimes with migraines scent can be triggering. We also make the stick so handy, you’ll want to keep one on you at all times. No bigger than a lip balm, it is easy to take with you everywhere, in a pocket or handbag! We recommend one in your house, one at your desk, one in your car, and an extra because you will find yourself always giving them away! Once you have one, you find yourself telling everyone about it and letting them try yours! We love this product and with the one hundred plus reviews, all five stars, you don’t have to just take our word for it!