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Bar Soaps

Our bar soaps are all natural, handmade and crafted in small batches from a family recipe.

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Handcrafted, natural soaps are simple luxuries for your skin. Our soaps are handmade, crafted in small batches from a family recipe. The base of all our bar soaps is seven moisturizing oils: coconut oil, rice bran oil, olive oil, shea butter, Palma Christi oil, avocado oil and jojoba oil. Our handmade natural soaps offer a very rich, creamy lather to make cleaning up fun! The oils in our base deeply moisturize leaving skin feeling silky soft. We use coconut oil because it has so many incredible properties. For example, it naturally destroys bacteria and microorganisms. It’s also reduces signs of aging as connecting tissues are strengthened and elasticity is restored. Rice bran oil is a luxuriously rich, moisturizing oil full of several kinds of B and E vitamins, giving your skin a treat. Olive oil is full of polyphenols, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and vitamin E, restoring skin to a healthy glow. Shea butter is naturally loaded with essential fatty acids, like omega-6 and omega-9, and it is a natural source of retinol, which is used to restore skin’s elasticity. Palma Christi oil is also known as castor oil and has the unique ability to penetrate skin more deeply than almost any other oil, and fights free radicals on all fronts. Avocado oil is full of antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids. Jojoba oil is the oil that is closest to the oil that your skin naturally produces. None of the oils we use leave the skin feeling greasy, just healthy and glowing with moisture!

While these ingredients alone would make a fantastic bar we then customize our batches with various add-ins and essential or fragrance oils. If you like exfoliating the cinnamon oat, lavender oat or unscented oats feature oatmeal for scrubbing. We also have French green clay in our Old Man & the Sea bar which helps to draw hair out of the hair follicle, making this bar great for shaving! Our Don’t Bug Me & Don’t Bug My Dog bars have a special blend of essential oils that help keep bugs off you and your four-legged friend! Our Baby bar is perfect for the new arrivals in your life too, gentle for their skin and unscented to keep in extra natural. Our Fountain of Youth facial bar has a swirl of Dead Sea mud that pulls toxins from the skin, keeping skin looking fresh. No matter what scent or functionality you are looking for we have a handmade, natural soap ready for you to fall in love with.