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Shower Steamers
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Shower steamers or shower tablets are the perfect addition to the shower experience. These amazing little tablets are something customers who don’t love baths had been requesting for years! The shower steamers are super easy to use, you just place a single tablet in the shower on a flat surface out of the direct spray of the shower. Drop a little water to activate the steamer and enjoy! A couple things to remember when using your shower steamers:

1. The steam comes from the shower, not the tablet, so the warmer the water, the more

steam, the more the essential oils will release into the bathroom. 2. We suggest keeping the door closed to keep steam in the bathroom with you, creating a

complete spa like experience with a DIY steam room! Our shower steamers come in five different scents that are made with pure essential oils. Our lavender & peppermint steamer is great for headaches, migraines and sore muscles. Peppermint is also great for opening up sinuses and works as a natural focusing agent so popping one of these in the shower before a big day or a test may be just perfect! The mint julep shower steamer features peppermint and spearmint essential oils. We recommend this essential oil combination to help combat fatigue, mental fog, nausea and other digestion issues. Have a heavy meal and feeling it? Put this tablet in the shower with you for some relief. The lavender shower steamer is made with pure lavender and is the perfect option for nighttime shower takers. The lavender is naturally calming and relaxing which will help make your shower more soothing. Our lemon & eucalyptus shower steamer is perfect for eradicating colds and stuffy sinuses. This steamer is also the one we love for a great morning pick me up! Need to have a productive day, start it off with this steamer and check everything off your to-do list! The final scent combo in our steamer collection is our orange blossom scent. This scent is a blend of citrus scents with orange taking center stage. Orange oil has been proven to be great as a mood enhancer. So this one is great to join you on a gray morning where a little extra pick up may be needed! Overall, there is a steamer for any time or day and if you haven’t had a chance to try one yet, they will make shower time a true spa like experience!